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Updated: 18th Jan ’23

Dear Fellow InDesigners,

It’s not a free service, but there’s only a small fee of $5 to backward save, also known as down saving, an Adobe InDesign file to a version you can open. InDesign is Mac/Windows independent so it doesn’t matter which operating system you have.

Average turnaround time for the down saved files is currently: 12 Hours

down-save-indesign-filesNote: Backward saving content created using features specific to newer CS versions may be modified or omitted when you open the document in earlier versions. Therefore I can’t guarantee the quality of the layout once down saved but in almost all cases it saves a lot of time in retrieving content or having to recreate it from scratch.

I can down save your InDesign files into the format you need to be able to open them in your CS version of Adobe InDesign and get on with your project.

For example, If you have a CS5.5 file and you only have InDesign CS3 I can convert it into a CS3 version for you.

If you are uncertain about this service and the result, I suggest do one conversion and if you are happy you can alway do more.

Below you will find more information on downsaving and my service. If you still have any questions, feel free to email me:

Amount of Files

4 Easy steps to have your files down saved:

  • Make paypal payment to:
  • Email InDesign file(s) to:
    InDesign file too large to email? *
  • In the email include Paypal reference and which CS version the file is in
    and what version you need it to be in.
  • I’ll send the down saved file(s) back to you.

* If the InDesign file(s) are too large to send by email there are lots of ways to get the InDesign file to me, here’s a couple as an example: – Which is easy, free and no sign up required or you could upload it onto an ftp site and send me the details.

How Down Saving Works

As you probably have noticed you can open files from earlier versions of the Adobe InDesign software but not later ones. This is because the newer software has newer coding, plug-ins, structure … that earlier versions can’t understand. But what Adobe have done is to allow you to export a file into format that can open up in a previous version of the software.

  • CC 2014 (CS10.2) or CC (CS7) can export into IDML (InDesign Markup Language) format, which CS6, CS5.5, CS5 and CS4 can understand and open.
  • CS4 can export into an INX (InDesign Interchange) file, which can be opened with CS3 (but not CS2)
  • CS3 can export into its version of an INX (InDesign Interchange) format, which CS2 can open.
  • CS2 can export into its version of an INX (InDesign Interchange) format, which CS1* can open.

Supplying fonts & images is not necessary unless downsaving to CS3 or earlier, in this case then please supply images linked with the InDesign file. If there is a large amount of images you can put them into a compressed file & send via one of the free large file sending services. (recommend

What’s been said about my InDesign down saving service

“I really appreciate the fast turnaround. You’re definitely bookmarked :)”

“This is great- Thank you. It’ll certainly save me tons of time.”

“Thank you very much for your help :-)”

“More than happy with the service, will definitely be using you again and spreading the word, thanks a lot”

“Thanks! That was helpful!”

“You’re a lifesaver!”

“Thank you very much Alex – All received and looking good! We are likely to need the service again in the future, and will happily do so.”


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