Adobe PDF to InDesign Conversion File Service


Updated: 1st June’21

Dear Fellow InDesigners,

It’s not a free service, but there’s only a small fee of €5 (about $5) to convert a PDF file to an Adobe InDesign file (a version you request CC2014,CC,CS6-CS1). InDesign files are Mac/Windows independent so it doesn’t matter which operating system you have. This service saves you buying expensive converting software for a single or small amount of files.

Average turnaround time for the down saved files is currently:
I’m on Holiday until 10th June ’21

Note: Converting from PDF to InDesign will give you the ability to edit the content. It will create individual objects for each part of the content, including linked images. The InDesign created won’t match the original InDesign the PDF was created from as the PDF doesn’t contain all that information, therefore I can’t guarantee the quality of the layout once converted from PDF ot InDesign, this service to provide editing flexibility rather than a pure and 100% reconstruction of a PDF file to the InDesign format. but in almost all cases it saves a lot of time in retrieving content or having to recreate it from scratch.

I can save the InDesign files into the format you need to be able to open them in your CS version of Adobe InDesign and get on with your project.

Below you will find more information on my conversion service. If you still have any questions, feel free to email me:


Convert PDF file to InDesign file Service

Here’s a quick list of just some features that convert:

  • Character and Paragraph Styles
  • Image objects with linked image files
  • Text boxes with linked text lines into paragrpaphs
  • Creates tables
  • Applies clipping paths to images
  • Creates InDesign gradients where necessary
  • Superscript, Subscript, Drop Caps, Drop Shadow and much more…

There are a few limitations: Type 3 fonts (rare) aren’t supported , User-defined dictionaries, Does not process PDF forms (although maintains form layouts), graphics filters, 3D data in PDF files, JBIG2 images and certain graphics operations.

If PDF file(s) are large you can send them via a free large file sending service. (recommend

File Amount

4 easy steps to have your PDF files converted:

  • Make paypal payment to:
  • Email PDF file(s) to:
  • In the email include Paypal reference & which InDesign version you need the file in.
  • I’ll send the Converted file back to you.

What’s been said about my Conversion Services

“I really appreciate the fast turnaround. You’re definitely bookmarked :)”

“This is great- Thank you. It’ll certainly save me tons of time.”

“Thank you very much for your help :-)”

“More than happy with the service, will definitely be using you again and spreading the word, thanks a lot”

“Thanks! That was helpful!”

“You’re a lifesaver!”

“Thank you very much Alex – All received and looking good! We are likely to need the service again in the future, and will happily do so.”


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