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Updated: 1st June’21

CS6/ CC / CC 2014 / CC 2015

Hello Fellow Illustrator Users,

It’s not a free service, but there is only a small fee of $5 per file to convert a FreeHand file into an Adobe Illustrator file to a version you can open, whether it is a .ai or .eps file. Illustrator files are Windows/Mac independent so it doesn’t matter which platform you use.

Average turnaround time for the down saved files is currently:
I’m on Holiday until 10th June ’21

Below you will find more information on and my service. If you still have any questions, feel free to email me:

How to Open FreeHand in Illustrator

From Adobe Illustrator CS3 to CS5.1 the software was able to open FreeHand file formats. Unfortunately versions after that i.e. CS6, CC, CC 2014 and CC 2015 aren’t able to open the files. So what you have to do it open it in one of the earlier versions of the software, save it as an Ai file and then you can open that file in the newer version of Illustrator.

If you don’t have an earlier version of the software or any access to it, you can use my service and I will supply you with an Illustrator file.

Amount of Files

4 easy steps to have your files converted:

  • Make paypal payment to:
  • Email FreeHand file(s) to:
    Illustrator file too large to email? *
  • In the email include Paypal reference
  • I’ll send you the Illustrator file(s) back to you.

* If the FreeHand file(s) are too large to send by email there are lots of ways to get the FreeHand file to me, here’s a couple as an example: – Which is easy, free and no sign up required or you could upload it onto an ftp site and send me the details.

What’s been said about my File Conversion Services

“Thank you! Also wow that was very fast. Will definitely bookmark :)”

“This is great- Thank you. It’ll certainly save me tons of time.”

“You saved my life! 🙂 I will certainly use your service again.”

“I received the files and everything opened up correctly. I will make sure to save you in my address book for future conversions.”

“It’s working great. Thanks for the extremely quick turnaround.”


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